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Born from necessity, the Feva Star Seat was built by cyclists for mini-cyclists. Include your kids in your riding lifestyle.

The World's best cyclists use the Feva Star Seat to make their children part of their outdoor lifestyle.

Now you can too.

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See why you need a FEVA Star Seat
Step up the 'fun factor' in your cycling lifestyle and get one, today!


  • The seat position encourages your child to participate during the ride.
  • Build's balance, coordination and develops child's core strength.
  • Children learn cues and awareness of other people, cars and cyclists from parents.
  • Parent's have freedom of movement and can comfortably sit or stand while keeping their child in sight.
  • Positioned for bicycle balance and a stable ride for all.
  • No screws or tools required, no need to damage your bike!
  • The Feva Seat comes flat packed, ready for assembly
  • Fits most Bicycles and weighs under 900g
  • Recommended for children aged 2-5 years, under 22kg
  • Made in South Africa with superior quality dense foam for durability.


Using the Feva Star Seat will change your life!

Moms and Dads be warned, you'll have to sneak
out of the house to go cycling alone.

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Bronwyn, South Africa


This is a brilliant, easy to use invention. It has allowed us to cycle together as a family. My husband uses it on his bike for our 3.5 year old. And he loves it!

Bettina Sahm

Sahm Distribution

Since my husband, Stefan Sahm, bought a ‘Feva Star Seat’ for our daughter last year, we are sure it is one of the best things we have ever bought.

Bertrand Van der Berg

via YouTube

This is such an amazing bicycle seat for kids. My son is two years old and he absolutely loves riding with me. It builds his confidence in riding and teaches him while he experiences riding in a safe environment. With this seat it is also easy to have a conversation with my son while riding around.

Christof, South Africa


Wonderful product! Great way to cycle with your kids. They are fully engaged with your cycle.

Ian, South Africa

via Takealot

Very nice product, simple and practical and works great!

The Feva Star Seat has been embraced by World Champion Cyclists. If you've got a Feva Star Seat story to share, let us know on Facebook or via email at sales@fevafoam.co.za