Consumer safety testing and certification

Consumer safety testing and certification

Feva Star Seat

Official product consumer risk assessment: SGS PSR 211322/1

Relevant Laws : Australia (ACL);  European Union (GPSD 2001/95/EC); United States of America: CPSIA

Feva warrants that the Star Seat is Safe for its intended use and is manufactured and sold responsibly in accordance with Australian Consumer Law (ACL), the EU (GPSD) and USA (CPSIA) guidelines.

Relevant for EU countries only:  EU standard EN 14344 controversy

Feva understands the EU General Product Safety Directive GPSD applies for consumer products that are not covered by specific legislation. The Star Seat is compliant with the EU general product safety directive GPSD 2001/95/EC in-case the standard EN14344 is not relevant.

Feva understands that EN 14344 is not relevant to the Feva Star Seat because the standard assumes passive (restrained and supported) transportation of children on non-specific bicycles (assumed to be conventional bicycles). The Star Seat relies on participation by older children (not babies) that are able to support themselves in order to provide vital safety benefits for off-road cycling and Feva maintains it would be irresponsible to comply with certain EU standard requirements, specifically for mountain bikes and that the law may be flawed in the best interests of consumer safety if applied to mountain bikes as it is obviously dangerous to carry a heavy static weight behind a cyclist on a mountain bike.

The Feva Star Seat is partly compliant with EN 14344 and does not meet the requirements for restraints and seat dimensions because vital balance, vital space and vital control would be compromised. The Star Seat restraints, design and seating position are integral inventive practical safety features that may be accepted by law as Feva understands that the European Law does in-fact  make provision for positive evolution and invention. Feva assumes that EN 14344 was published prior to mountain biking becoming popular. As such, the standard did not consider that children would be carried on a type of terrain and design of bike that were not common at the time.

Feva has written opinion from European Standards Authority (DIN) that using the standard EN 14344 to comply with the European GPSD is voluntary, therefore not compulsory. Feva markets and sells the Star Seat in EU countries. The Star Seat would be certified as compliant with specific legislation that is more relevant than EN14344 in-case it exists.* The Star Seat does not fully comply with EN 14344 for valid and obvious safety reasons. It is unique and the manufacturer responsibly has no intention of seeking compliance with this standard.