Child bike seats made by FEVA Star Seat offer a pro-active approach to kids bicycle safety by creating a bike seat that is comfortable and safe for children.

The child bike seat has minimal impact on steering, control and balance for the cyclist in order to help prevent accidents.

Developed with safe cycling in mind, in the event of a serious cycling accident involving a child in a carrier, FEVA considered whether children would be safe in all types of seats and chose to focus on creating the safest possible cycling environment for the cyclist carrying the child to operate because the adult is responsible for avoiding accidents. As it may not be safe or responsible to encourage young children aged 2-5 years to cycle independently alongside parents, the FEVA Star Seat facilitates participation in a controlled environment.

Positioning the seat on the bike frame is obviously best for stabilizing bikes with child carriers however with a bulky seat this position can have a limiting effect on the leg movement of cyclists. Average kids aged 2-5 years are capable of balance. Employing the natural ability of children of this age with adult supervision was integral in developing a compact seat that would have minimal impact on the cyclist’s leg movement, vision and ability to control the bicycle effectively.

The Star Seat has comfortable practical footrests that surround each foot..

A quick-release seat belt does not limit arm or leg movement and will prevent a child from being thrown forward over the handlebars in the unlikely event that the bicycle come to a sudden and unexpected stop.

The seat platform is flexible owing to the nature of rubber construction. The material has important shock absorbing properties that will limit jolting and furthermore the rubber will not scratch or harm children. Achieving stability does not depend on the flexible seat platform rather it depends on the position of hands and feet relative to the mid-line of the child. Children are secure in a comfortable jockey position with their hands on the bicycle handlebars and their feet securely in footrests on either side of the seat platform allowing them to balance and react with the movement of the cyclist.

The Star Seat is an unconventional child bike seat because it hardly restrains children allowing active participation under supervision.

Parents seldom consider that most minor accidents involving child carriers occur when bicycles are stationary. Lifting and placing children in, or removing children from seats can be tricky and awkward and unbalanced bikes could fall over. The Star Seat makes lifting and placing kids simple thereby limiting accidents and injuries.

A child’s behavior while cycling with an adult could be unpredictable. In order to assist the cyclist in being responsible, the Star Seat facilitates optimal vision and open communication with minimal distraction. The cyclist can maintain awareness and concentration while cycling that is safer for the child that is positioned in a near contact embrace at all times.


European Standards DIN EN 14344

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